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Find Information in emails and documents
quickly, easily and affordably in the cloud


Fetch Docs is a document search application that enables individuals with any background to quickly find, identify and organize critical documents cost effectively

The amount of information contained in emails and documents is growing exponentially. At fetch docs we wanted an easy to use, quick and affordable solution that would enable us to make our documents and emails searchable – so we can find, tag and organize on the fly. We were tired of trying to find relevant slides in old board room decks – searching for critical emails to support the legal department - and documents that contained information on historical marketing campaigns

Campaign Management

Aggregate all of your documents, graphics and presentation materials so you can quickly find for future campaigns

Risk Management

Monitor incoming and outgoing emails to make sure employees and vendors are complying with corporate policies

Document review

Quickly find, tag, organize and produce key documents and emails to support litigation efforts


Explore Screenshots

Cloud based document search service and app for any budget


Using one of the most accurate open source OCR engines available


Document management features that make organizing easier


Create your own tags to better organize and track key documents


Share documents with team members


Issue support tickets and have our search experts help

Saved Searches

Save common searches for quicker access

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